Friday, August 7, 2009

Israeli modern pop art - David Gertsein

David Gerstein has become known for his three-dimensional modern pop art sculpture. Gerstein's remarkable work commends immediate attention through the use of bright and rich colors. Gerstein's uncompromising aesthetic sculptures manage to capture life little moments of happiness with semi-ironic smile.,
As a child, David grew up without toys. Throughout his many years of work, his creations have touched the innocent child that remains within us as adults. His art recreates that special playful space that our inner child longs for.

Born and raised in Jerusalem, David Gerstein has studied at the most respected art academies in Israel, London, Paris and New York. This extraordinary artist has long captivated the Israeli audience with his free-spirited, authentic colorful works that often "wink" at the viewer with certain self-irony – a common characteristic in the Jewish culture.

David Gerstein's refreshing and original works have captivated audiences by reflecting the Israeli lively and sensual imagery. Without criticism, Gerstein examines the Israeli scenery as he borrows from the symbolism of the everyday reality.

The sculpure above is called David Gerstein's Armstrong. One of the themes in Gerstein work is the pointless race. This whimsical sculpture is inspired by the great road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has won Tour de France seven consecutive times (while breaking a world record!).

This loving couple does not look at us but at each other. With this simple gesture, David Gerstein celebrates love and intimacy.

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